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Melita Whittle is a family photographer based on the Sunshine Coast Hinterland, Queensland Australia specialising in documentary photography. Servicing the Gympie Region, Wide Bay, and the Sunshine Coast.

Your Life. Real. Honest. Unscripted.



For me,

It was a struggle to find something to wear that I felt comfortable in and my hair never sat right despite the copious amounts of product to keep it straight. It was a challenge to get the children to wear the outfits I had carefully chosen and purchased for the occasion, let alone get them to sit still long enough do their hair ... or keep it neat for longer than 5 minutes. 

By the time we all piled in the car and arrived at the location (studio, park, you name it) to meet the photographer I was tired, frazzled and seriously, well and truly over it!


We would give the children a run down on the type of behaviour we expected; with strict instructions against fighting with one another. Those stern words and finger pointing didn't carry too much weight so we'd resort to threats usually, or bribing them, with a treat if they cooperated for the photographer awhile longer. And for the love of goodness, just smile normally pleeasse!

 Funny thing was, the photos that meant the most to me were the ones considered 'out-takes'; the moments and interactions captured in between the poses and forced smiles. They represented real personalities and our family dynamics. Sound familiar?

My approach is a little different.

I come to you, either in your home or the place that has meaning and significance for your family.  


No primping, preparation or bribery needed. 


We'll talk and laugh and get to know each other. Oh the stories I could (and will likely) tell! Our time together is free from any judgement, after all I am a Mum to three young and energetic children. I get the mess and understand the chaos. I live in that world and speak the language. I'll be right at home. 


The way I approach family photography is similar to the way in which a photojournalist would approach documenting a story. My focus is on creatively documenting the most accurate and representative story possible from my unique perspective by observing and anticipating moments as they unfold.