Think about the last time you had family portraits taken.

For me, it was a struggle to find something to wear that I felt comfortable in and my hair never sat right despite the copious amounts of product to keep it straight. My husband would roll in from the shed 10 minutes before we were due to leave, announcing he needs a shower and shave before leaving the house. What, now!!?? It was a challenge to get the children to wear the outfits I had carefully chosen and purchased for the occasion, let alone getting them to sit still long enough do their hair all cutesy 

... or keep it neat for longer than 5 minutes.

By the time we all piled in the car and arrived at the location to meet the photographer I was tired, frazzled and seriously, a hot mess! 


We would give the children a run down on the type of behaviour we expected; warning them against fighting with each other. Those stern words didn't carry too much weight for very long so we would resort to (threats usually or) bribing them with a sweet treat if they just cooperated for the photographer awhile longer.

I'm sure some of you can relate.

Funny thing is, the photos that meant the most to me were the ones considered 'out-takes', the moments and interactions captured in between the poses and forced smiles. They were the ones that represented a real connection and allowed real personalities to shine. 

I realised that the kinds of photos I was making of my family were very different than what we've come to expect from traditional family photography; and to me, they meant so much more.

My approach is a little different.

I come to you, either in your home or the place that has meaning and significance for your family.  No primping, preparation or bribery needed. We'll talk and laugh and get to know each other. Oh the stories I could (and will likely) tell! Our time together is free from any judgement, after all I am a mum to three young and energetic children. I get the mess and understand the chaos. I live in that world and speak the language. I'll be right at home. 


The way I approach family photography is similar to the way in which a photojournalist would approach documenting a story. My focus is on creatively documenting the most accurate and representative story possible from my unique perspective by observing and anticipating moments as they unfold.

I'm mindful not to interfere, alter, suggest or influence my subjects or their environment. Being an observer by nature, this approach has enabled me to slow down and appreciate the moments that happen every single day. My inspiration comes from a desire to capture something that goes beyond just what someone or something ‘looks’ like.

It's pictures that aim to show what it felt like in that moment in time.

Real. Honest. Unscripted.


"To me, photography is an art of observation. It's about finding something interesting in an ordinary place. I've found it has little to do with the things you see and everything to do with the way you see them."



"Oh my! I absolutely LOVE the slideshow and photos! From the moment I clicked on the first photo, I cried. Your photos capture expressions and moments that are usually missed. Thank you again for another beautiful photo shoot."